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On SSiP, OHSAS 18001 and H&S pre-qualification
One of the most difficult aspects for contractors bidding for tenders is the pre-qualification process required to demonstrate health and safety standards. Satisfying the H&S requirements of so many different public bodies and private organisations is expensive and takes a lot of time too.
   This year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) supported by the...
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The Benefits of ISO
ISOs are internationally recognised standards that ensure products and services are reliable, safe and of good quality. ISO also helps companies in every industry to work more effectively through the introduction of consistent management systems. ISO certification is more than just a box ticking exercise though; the assessment process really does ensure a company is...
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ISO Made Easy
ISO this, ISO that - whatever industry you're in there seems to be a glut of ISOs your company should be certified in. You may look on ISO certification as being just another piece of paper, a tick in the box to satisfy a PQQ, that makes no difference to how you operate. After all...
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The value of ISO 9001 to a business
The results of a joint study, carried out by UNIDO, ISO and IAF, show that the implementation of accredited certification to ISO 9001 brings positive results both to certified organisations and their customers, and ultimately to the economies themselves. The study focused on the Asian region and involved a survey, interviews with purchasers, and visits to certified organisations. IAF
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